ABC is manufacturing diesel engines since 1912.  The company has the reputation of building robust and simple engines, with low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, long lifetime, low maintenance cost and easy accessibility.

 The original DX-engine has been developed to operate in very tough conditions: powering of fishing vessels, tugs and supply vessels, and use in tropical countries, where only rugged, heavy duty engines could do the job.


The experience gained under such circumstances coupled with intensive research and development efforts led to the newer DZ-engine, which offers double power in a similar but modernized frame. This engine type  has been manufactured on an industrial basis for the last  ten years, in the version of 6 and 8 cylinders in line.  The DZ-engine has been developped to burn heavy fuel oils us to 3500 sRw.


Both engine types have been adapted for dual-fuel (diesel-gas) combustion.  The DX-engines ara also available as spark ignited engine. 


Since year 2002 the V-version of the DZC-engine, developed in cooperation with FEV in Achen, came to join the line-engine series.  With 2 new types ABC doubles it power range (up to 5000 Hp).


 Field of application :

– Diesel engines for marine propulsion (trawlers, tugs, coasters, dredging vessels),
– Power generating (marine and industrial generating sets)
– Railroad traction engines,
– Diesel engines for pumping stations, airport equipment, mainland and offshore drilling.
–  Complete ABC-dsigned combined heat and power plants (CHPP). 

Technical characteristics :

– Power range :  185 up to 5000 HP (136 – 3680 kW) – diesel
    185 up to 3600 HP (136 – 2650 kW) – dual fuel and gas.
– Speed range:   600 up to 1000 rpm
– Cylinders:   3 up to 8 vertical cylinders in line
    V12  and  V16  available 


Our workshop in Gent is among the most modern in the world, using the newest types of automatic, numerical controlled machine tools.  Strong and cost-efficient engines are a vital necessity. A.B.C. has concentrated on extensive research and development which enables the company to produce one of the most reliable engines in the world.   This self set goal for quality and reliability requires high investments in quality control during all stages of production.  Therefore, apart from the traditional test-benches, was installed providing a complete “coordinated measuring center”. This measuring center guarantees a full scale geometrical precision of the finished product. 
Based on feed-back  from the the sales and after sales department, as well as from production, our design departments continuously examine possibilities to ammeliorate the engine and keep it at the actual level of new designed engines.  
Design is done at four levels: on the base engine itself (5 persons), on the applications and engineering of the engine (5 persons), on the method of producing components and  assembling. (4 persons) and on the test benches (3 persons).  All modifications brought to the product are introduced considering an easy and cheap update for engines sold before.  Our clients can terefore easily get advantage from new technology, for example when top or major overhaul is done.