Arctic Marine Furniture AS Marine furniture


Arctic Marine Furniture AS (Norway) has attained expertise in marine chair manufacturing. The long experience and the advanced technology, materials and machinery guarantee that the market demand is met at its best.


Our unique system makes assembling/disassembling the chairs quick and easy.
AMF uses the latest in technology and machinery to produce state of the art chairs.
Great production flexibility allows to produce state-of-the-art chairs and helps the customers to choose  between the standard and tailor-made chairs fitted with additional accessories.


AMF has all the certificates proving the fire-resisting materials used as well as the certificates to install the chairs onboard the fast-going vessels (up to 12 g forces).

Manufacturing process

– The process of making a perfect piece of furniture begins on the drawing board.
– The hides are then scanned and the marked up flaws registered by a computer.
Next the machine cuts the hide to measure. This process guarantees flawless leather and the maximum use of the hide for every chair built.
– Our skilled seamstresses sew each seam to perfection ensuring precision, durability and quality.
– The assembly of the chair is traditionally handcrafted by a master carpenter.

The highest standard

Our relentless focus on quality and precision to detail ensures that every piece of furniture is of the highest standard.