Since 1970 CENTA Antriebe has designed and manufactured the flexible couplings and is active in looking for optimized torque problem solutions for the complex drive systems.


CENTA has 20 different types of flexible couplings, shafts and related products with numerous variations providing ideal solutions for almost every application, without the need to compromise solution due to product limitations. These flexible couplings and shafts cover a broad torque range, from 10 Nm up to 500 000 Nm and they are successfully applied in all kind of industries and ship propulsion and auxiliary drives.
More than 10 million CENTA couplings are installed worldwide thus providing an extraordinarily wide range of application knowledge ranging from simple drives to complex multi mass applications involving complicated tensional vibration calculations.


A wealth of experience gained, company’s own software, automatic design system, high-quality couplings, test benches for the dynamic tests and close contacts with the leading manufacturers of engines, hydraulic pumps, gearboxes and other units have become the basis to create perfect state-of-art and reliable systems.


Our QA-system was originally certified to ISO 9001 in 1990 by several international inspection and classification societies. About 65 type approvals have been granted to CENTA products.
All new designs are rigorously tested and their technical performance figures precisely measured in our own development department on a variety of dynamic test rigs that can induce torques of up to 750 kNm.