UltraJet Waterjets

Ultra Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of high thrust, high quality, waterjet propulsion systems.
Ultra Dynamics is located in Cheltenham, England and Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
The company was formed in November, 1996 following sale of Ultra Hydraulics Ltd, in the U.K. and Ultra Hydraulics, Inc. in the U.S. A. Ultra Dynamics took over the marine propulsion sector of Ultra Hydraulics’ business. Prior to 1989, the company was part of The Dowty Group, then a U.K.-based aerospace and engineering conglomerate. The combination of Ultra and Dowty provide almost fifty years of experience in marine jet propulsion and waterjet propulsion for military craft.

FIVE Reasons why you should consider buying an UltraJet:

1. UltraJets provide more static and mid-range thrust than any other waterjet on the market. Our jets excel where high bollard pull and exceptional acceleration is a craft requirement and boat speed must not be sacrificed to achieve this. This mid range thrust is also critical on heavily laden craft to ensure that the transition to planing speeds is reliably achieved and provides fuel efficient cruise speeds.

2. We have a total commitment to quality and utilise many unique materials from our military jets programme which provide durable and reliable performance. We are ISO 9001 and MOD Approved and our designs comply with rules laid down by ABS, Lloyds, and Det Norske Veritas.

3. UltraJets are supplied as compact propulsion packages, with fully integrated control systems mounted on the jet and all cables supplied with durable waterproof connectors for “plug-and-play” installation.

4. Exceptional craft maneuverability is achieved with UltraJets and our joystick Control systems.

5. UltraJets are one of the top three waterjet providers worldwide. More than 15,000 UltraJets are in use on boats and military vehicles.